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In January this year, Theresa May announced that every secondary school in Britain would be offered training on how to identify and help children who are suffering mental health issues. This announcement came following recognition that there is a marked increase in the number of young people presenting with mental health issues in school settings. At Fuse, we have long understood this need and have developed a number of specific training packages specifically with schools in mind. Training Packages include:

  • Understanding the Impact of Cyber-Bullying on the Mental Health and Well-being of Secondary School children
  • Understanding Self Harm – and how to manage this in schools
  • Understanding the Psychology behind School Refusal
  • How to manage the Anxious Pupil
  • Understanding Low Mood in Adolescents – a Teacher’s guide.
  • Managing the Child with ADHD in the Classroom
  • Managing ASD in the Classroom

Further training sessions can be developed to meet your own bespoke needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Each training package can be delivered as a 2 hour, or half day training.

Direct Intervention in to Schools

Fuse Psychology Services can be bought in by schools who want to purchase 1:1 sessions for their pupils. Pupils can be seen in school if a suitable room is available. Should a pupil have high risk behaviours, it would be necessary for them to be seen by local multi-disciplinary CAMHS Services. Group packages can also be developed to meet your pupils’ needs.


Fuse Psychology Services can be brought in to provide specialist psychological consultation for teaching staff, or SENCOs. This can aid planning and decision making around classroom management and use of support staff.

Please phone for a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss whether Fuse can meet your school’s needs.